Our Donor Insemination Program

Semen Cryopreservation and Banking

Our sperm bank uses donor semen, which will undergo stringent evaluation before it goes any further in the laboratory. The donors will be tested for all the common STDs such as HIV, Hepatitis and Gonorrhea. Apart from that, we will also ensure that the semen quality will be ensured by following the WHO criteria. The Cryopreservation Donor Semen Program will be in strict accordance with all the mandatory guidelines.

In case of inability of a couple to give a sample on the particular day, you don’t have to worry, as we always have a back up semen sample frozen for couples who are currently undergoing treatment. Apart from that, those who are undergoing ICSI are encouraged to freeze their sperm so that there is an adequate amount of sperm at the time of ICSI.

Embryo Cryopreservation

When treatment is done using medicines in ovulation induction, it produces a lot of oocytes, at the time of Assisted Reproduction. As a routine we cryopreserve the extra embryos for future use. All embryos are coded, labeled and stored in special containers so as to maintain their identity.

Donor IVF / ICSI Program

Our donor IVF / ICSI program is meant for patients who cannot produce their own eggs and sperms. We offer the donor egg/sperm program where strict guidelines and quality control criteria are adopted in order to reduce the risk of any future damage to either the parent or the baby.

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