Semen Collection

The process of semen collection is usually done by masturbating in a sterile room on our hospital premises, which provides you with complete privacy. But in case, you want to move somewhere else and masturbate, then that can also be arranged, provided that the sample is given to us within an hour’s duration.

In case your circumstances require alternate arrangements, please feel free to contact our staff directly or over phone and the necessary arrangements will be done.


We also store semen, but that can only be done for those patients who provide us with valid reasons as to why we should store the. For instance, if the husband cannot be present on the day of egg collection, or if he has to undergo chemotherapy, or in some cases, if the husband has some difficulty in producing the semen sample, only then will be consider it. Only under the aforementioned circumstances will the semen be stored and periodically renewed. It can be stored for many years with periodical renewal.


In order to minimize the risks of viral contamination during storage, we have screening tests for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV (AIDS), which are performed, prior to storing the semen sample. In case your specialist has already performed those, we will discard them or otherwise we will organize the screen testing for you.