Testicular Biopsy

If it is necessary, sperm can directly be obtained from the testis using testicular biopsy. The most common reason for using this procedure is the obstruction to the sperm transport system.

Whilst in most cases, it can be done without much effort; in some patients a fine needle biopsy is performed, in order to obtain the sperm. When this is done, we make use of any anesthetic so as to ensure that you don’t feel any pain, whilst the procedure is happening. During this process, a fine needle is placed through the skin into the testis and a small piece of tissue is removed. It is then taken to the embryologist, who examines the fine tubes contained in the biopsy sample and removes sperm for the microinjection procedure. The whole process is very short and it only takes about fifteen minutes to complete the biopsy. In some cases, we store the sperm for future microinjection procedures; the results of the microinjection procedure using testicular sperm in such cases are pretty good.

There is another indication for testicular biopsy, which is found in men with severely damaged testis in whom few sperm are produced and none are available in the ejaculate. When this is the case, a larger biopsy of the testis is performed under a general anesthetic and in 50% of cases; adequate sperm numbers can be obtained. In cases where no sperm are found, couples must consider whether to discard the eggs or use donor sperm. In case you are wondering about which option to take, don’t worry, as we will provide you with sufficient in both cases.